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  • Legal English in Licencing Law with Paul Keys + 5 hours Live session Legal English Institute -
    Practice your Legal English in Licencing Law. Licencing Law Copyright license is a permission to perform certain acts that are otherwise restricted; the name comes from a Latin word ‘licentia’, meaning (roughly) ‘permission’. A copyright license can be defined as a legally enforceable ‘promise not to sue’ for performing the allowed restricted acts. Unlike copyright transfer, a license does not transfer any exclusive rights to the licensee; the rights stay with the licensor. A copyright license can therefore be compared to a lease agreement (where e.g. the property of the apartment stays with the landlord, the tenant is only allowed to live there during a certain period of time), while copyright transfer can be compared to sale (the seller loses all the rights which are transferred to the buyer). In practice, a license should be concluded in writing (although many jurisdictions may also recognise unwritten, i.e. implied licenses).
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